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    • " My sister gave her bottle the other day and OH my goodness it is the best!!!! I get relief right away and its great when I need it at night. " wendy

    • " OMG!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST!!! LIFESAVER!!! FAST RESULTS. " Linda Warren

    • " This is the best thing EVER...I got it as gift as a joke, was having extreme flashes, decided to try it. I never leave home without it!!! I have given as gifts and friends from all across country have started telling friends about it. I was so disappointed that I stopped at Walgreens and they do not carry any longer. I even told my GYN to refer it. " Deb

    • " My mother brought me this to help with my hot flashes. I started laughing when I saw it thinking---"What a joke, this little spray bottle was a waste of her money." Wrong!! I would never have believed it but it really does work. I have also let several women at school try it. It has worked for them as well. One spray lasts me several hours and I have even given a "preventative" spray and even think that helps. Thank you Lord-help at last. " e. wood

    • " I am in full menopause and I have been miserable to put it lightly...I never sleep more than 2 hours before another hot flash hits and they are coming all day long also...A spray on the back of the neck and and even the worst spell of hot flashes can be broken...what a relief...this product has helped me to put my life back together and function in a somewhat normal way...menopause isn't easy to go through but this product definitely works " Joan Adams

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Clearly Natural Hot Flash Relief Spray

Clearly Natural Hot Flash Relief Spray is nature's solution for relieving symptoms associated with hot flashes, night sweats and more. Using a unique, natural formula with peppermint oil, this gentle spray works fast to cool and refresh.
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