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    • " A neighbor recommended this to me. I was skeptical but bought it on Now I love it and bought 2 more bottles, one to keep in my purse and the other by my bed! (I have a bottle in my desk too! :) " Dawn

    • " My sister gave her bottle the other day and OH my goodness it is the best!!!! I get relief right away and its great when I need it at night. " wendy

    • " OMG!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST!!! LIFESAVER!!! FAST RESULTS. " Linda Warren

    • " This is the best thing EVER...I got it as gift as a joke, was having extreme flashes, decided to try it. I never leave home without it!!! I have given as gifts and friends from all across country have started telling friends about it. I was so disappointed that I stopped at Walgreens and they do not carry any longer. I even told my GYN to refer it. " Deb

    • " My mother brought me this to help with my hot flashes. I started laughing when I saw it thinking---"What a joke, this little spray bottle was a waste of her money." Wrong!! I would never have believed it but it really does work. I have also let several women at school try it. It has worked for them as well. One spray lasts me several hours and I have even given a "preventative" spray and even think that helps. Thank you Lord-help at last. " e. wood

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Clearly Natural Hot Flash Relief Spray

Clearly Natural Hot Flash Relief Spray is nature's solution for relieving symptoms associated with hot flashes, night sweats and more. Using a unique, natural formula with peppermint oil, this gentle spray works fast to cool and refresh.
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